It is a joy that you are here! Believing that we are created by God, for His purpose, and that this latter happens, most genuinely, as an overflow of who He is in us, ushers in the process for every individual in discovering what this is. You are unique. Therefore, this process will look as many different ways as there are people in this world. God is personal. And He desires an intimate connection with you and with me. In fact, this closeness is a necessity that we may know who we are and live out the fullness of who we were created to be. Imagine, He wants this for you even more than you do! He knows what He made you to be, and it matters (1Corinthians 12:12-27). He knows that it will depend upon you knowing Him, and this is life (John 17:3). Herein lies the Truth, which will require our faith to believe and choose, that we may begin to move beyond our struggles with worthiness, true confidence, and security that lasts. Here we come alive, and abundance flows.



Jennifer Borders

L. P. C.


A native of Kentucky, Jennifer migrated to Georgia with her family as a high school student. Still comfortably nestled in the South, she has been afforded the privilege of wandering about the globe these twenty plus years through a myriad of experiences. Her faith is central to her story and remains primary in leading her along the journey to becoming whole.







People have long been her passion. With a Bachelor of Science in Management from Georgia Tech, her interest was sparked. Jennifer's heart for authenticity in relationship, however, had barely begun to unfold. Multiple years in non-profit work, many extended adventures, and a call to ministry awakened a depth of intimacy within her necessary in discovering her own true self. A Master of Arts in Professional Counseling at Richmont Graduate University has brought about the culmination of her studies in preparation of offering sincere hope & encouragement to others in their own search for help and healing.


Jennifer has come to greatly value individual uniqueness and the significance of one's personal journey. She seeks to foster a safe environmnent where folks can unload their burdens through the sharing of their heart as they discover the truth of their own story, interwoven in relationship, and move towards becoming the person they were made to be. Her desire is to join them right where they are, whatever immediate issue may lead them to seek counsel. Jennifer sees individuals of all ages, couples & families in North Georgia and with virtual counsel.

Our Mission

To serve the least of these through connection, creativity, and counsel as a means for helping one discover their authentic self, with the hope of becoming the fullness of who they were created to be and overflow in impacting the lives of others.

Our Offerings

A portion of the proceeds from Fill My Cup will benefit orphans & widows to the ends of the earth.

Brooke Harris

A. P. C.


Brooke has lived in Georgia since she was a child. She has been married to her husband, Andy, for six years and they have a beautiful baby girl. Brooke has been active in church for over 10 years. Spirituality has played a huge role in Brooke's personal and professional life. She believes that nothing can separate us from God's love (Romans 8: 37-38) and she wants everyone to know their identity in Christ who died for us, rose on the third day, and left us with the Holy Spirit (the Great Counselor)!







Brooke graduated from the University of North Georgia with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. While in school, she worked in the customer service industry and as a nanny for some wonderful families. Brooke went back to school to complete her master's degree in Professional Counseling. She completed her practicum and internship at Wellspring Life Solutions under the supervision of Lynda Barron, PhD, L.P.C. Brooke is currently an Associate Professional Counselor.


Brooke has always expressed a desire to help people. Counseling is an incredible tool, she feels, to assisting people to find wholeness, joy, and self-awareness. Brooke hopes that she may be a guide to those who feel lost, troubled, or hurt. Counseling takes an immense amount of courage and she feels humbled and grateful to come alongside people who take this brave first step. Brooke sees clients in our Gainesville location.

P. O. Box 1842
Gainesville, GA  30503

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